In this issue, we focus on the highlights looking back so far in 2020 for New York. We feature some of the latest new dining hot spots, and fashion week highlights, such as the feature designer -for Fashion week Raisa Vanessa's  Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Show. Our feature spotlight is focused on: Pitbull  who defines a generation and  a global movement for music and fitness. By reading spotlight you can learn more about his later venture in NYC with GRIT BXNG, a 50-minute full-body workout that builds strength and confidence with powerful boxing sequences. 

With all the changes we have had with the stay at home orders and closures of gyms, I feel it is essential for us to stay healthy and find ways outside the box ways to stay in shape with everyday activities. Cindy Rodriguez-Publisher

The Magazines

"Coming from a background in layout and graphic design, I felt it was important to take a hands-on approach to the design."

As the creator and online publisher for the Scene Magazines, it has been my mission to publish a magazine that offers inspiring, uplifting and positive articles for the reader.  N.Y. Scene magazine is online and digital platform that highlights arts & entertainment, and features some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities and hot spots.   The goal of The Scene Magazines is to offer a positive platform with articles that are inspiring, informative, and relaxing to read.  Whether you like to read on a mobile device or prefer the standard magazine layout of print magazines –e-book, we have 2 magazines which include the layout for either platform that offer a unique layout for both styles of reading the magazines.

The online website magazine is updated regularly, and is an interactive magazine that uses video, social media and, links. The digital e-magazine, is published twice a year - includes featured content, photos, and media that are unique to the digital issue.   

The Digital benefits: The digital magazine can be downloaded to your media device and is very inexpensive for the reader to download. If you are in a place with no internet, this magazine can be easily read if downloaded and saved to your device.

"If you’re looking to stay in the Scene, Stay plugged into The Scene Magazines. Stay safe, healthy and enjoy our magazine as we continue to highlight the Who. What. When. And Where -for all things Vegas." Cindy Rodriguez - VSM Publisher